„Vecsiljāņi cheese has been named in honour of its Master Cheese Maker, Ieva Midega. Ieva travelled to Holland to master the profession of cheese making, and later, the Dutch Master Cheese maker came to Vecsiljāņi to consult on the cheese making process in the new production plant. To understand and have a feeling for cheese takes a great deal of work and skill, but now, after more than 2 years of mastery, Ieva says she can feel the taste of the cheese just by looking at it.

„What I enjoy most is going into the warehouse and feeling the aging process, when you can see – this one isn’t ready, but this one, based on its aroma and appearance, is already superb.”

Ieva’s working day begins long before sunrise when she has to drive to the processing plant to await the freshly milked milk and start the cheese making process. She believes that morning milk is the best; it is richest in biologically active properties and from the morning milking you get the most valuable cheese. She says that as the cheese bears her name, she feel especially responsible for it. Every day she personally turns each cheese round in the warehouse and carefully follows the miraculous aging process. Ieva loves nature and the harmony it contains which is perhaps why she enjoys the cheese making process so much – giving the milk a task – forming it into shape, covering it with wax and leaving it to do what it has to, all by itself. Cheese is a living organism. After that, all that remains is to enjoy it.

Ieva’s own favourite is the 3 month aged classical cheese from the big round. Ieva finds a place for her cheese with every kind of food – in delicious grilled sandwiches, in pasta, pizzas, lasagne, soups and cheese biscuits, as well as just on its own.