The Vecsiljāņu farm is in the Bebru parish of the beautiful Koknese region. The farm produces dairy products and grows wheat, barley, oats, rye, corn and various greens. The farm employs around 40 workers.  The farm is spread over 1000 hectares and grazes approx. 500 cows. In 2010, the farm started producing hard cheese under the Ieva’s Siers brand.

The taste, aroma and quality of the cheese are dependent on the skill of each specialist working there. The great success of Vecsiljāni comes from being able to follow each section of the process and achieve the highest quality. The Master Cheese Maker works hand in hand with the farm vet to ensure the best quality milk is produced and that’s what makes the most flavoursome cheese. Ieva, the cheese maker travels to trade shows and exhibitions to meet with cheese lovers and talk about her products.

Quality is always at the heart of Vecsiljāņi’s activities – there is no greater compliment than returning customers.